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QA Craft for Jira - Structure Management

QA Craft for Jira vs. 4 Testers Horsemen of the Apocalypse

We encountered four major testing problems that the QA Craft for JIRA plug-in solves in an easy and simple way

Demo QA Craft for Jira

Watch a demo about QA Craft for Jira and learn why our tool stands out so strongly among other test management tools on the market

Tips and Tricks - Tool for Testing

Tips & Tricks QA Craft for Jira

Tips & Tricks is a series where you’ll learn about our plugin’s killer features and how to quickly and easily make your work with test management easier

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QA Craft for Jira - Test Metrics

Main test metrics

Ways of sorting data (test metrics) and filtering them

QA Craft for Jira - Agile

Agile test methodologies

Creation of tests, ready-made test structure, reporting, regression tests

QA Craft for Jira - Performance


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