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Decision Tables for Jira

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BPMS for Jira - kompleksowa automatyzacja procesów

1st tool (also for business users) integrated with Atlassian Jira
to run and control decision-making processes

Functionalities & benefits
    Case Studies    

Improving process automation

Script Runner

Improving process automation by using Decision Tables in custom code or Adaptavist Script Runner, based on Camunda BPMS engine.


  • complex permission control rules
  • automatic filling in of related data in several fields
  • dynamic control on forms
  • multi-criteria process control
  • user-friendly options of criteria/decision modification
  • configuration reusability between multiple workflow transitions
  • multi-criteria control of responsible persons and groups
  • configuration transferability between different environments
  • easier maintenance of configuration and system
  • separation of the configuration data

What are the real benefits?

The benefits of implementing Decision Tables for Jira can be converted into $$$

  • Minimizing the list of activities related to changes in processes.
  • Thanks to the add-on, business and IT teams do not duplicate their activities

Control access

We take values from some fields, use these values to execute a decision table, and the result is stored in the “Accessible For Groups” field configured in a Security Level.

Control dynamic field

Control dynamic fields on the issue screen, show/hide fields, make a field required, narrow allowed options in choice fields.

Automatic filling in of related data

Automatic filling in of related data and appointment of responsible persons based on selected multi-criteria.

Business Case Studies

1st Case Study

Choose a cost approver

Business description

In our company we have a simple decision process. Each expenditure needs to be accepted by responsible person or member of some group. Who will be that person? It depends on type of that cost, cost center and its value:

Solution Brief

In workflow, we need to add new scriptrunner postfunction. It will read dedicated decision table and, based on it, assign to the responsible people.


2nd Case Study

Collect user information related to costs

Business description

To facilitate cost approval process, our company decided to auto-fill data, which are use in process.

Solution Brief

In that company, each user is related to exactly one department and one cost center. Based on an issue author, we can specify his HR number, department or related cost center, which will be useful in next steps. We can add another postfunction, which can indicate them.

3rd Case Study

Dynamic Form

Business description

In our company we need to improve our cost process. To make it easier and reduce number of mistakes, we want to restrict visibility of the fields and the available options. Moreover, in a few cases there are more explains required, when in the other cases they are optional.

Solution Brief

To resolve that situation, we will prepare a dynamic form using decision tables. Thanks to that we could control the visibility or requirement of available fields on form. Except setting suitable configuration like screen schemes, we need to create three decision tables. The first one will relate existing Cost Types to available Cost Groups. The second will have similar functionality – it will connect chosen Cost Group to available Cost Categories. The last one will determinate obligatory of set value.

Advanced Issue Access Control

4th Case Study

Advanced Issue Access Control

Business description

To secure cost process, our company decide to block possibility to see issues by unauthorized employees. An access to them will be related to department and cost center or cost group and cost category.

Solution Brief

Using decision tables we will calculate, which group is authorized and set them to the custom field. Final validation will be done based on that data.

To solve that, we prepare two decision tables – each one will return a list of group based on related parameters.


For Jira Data Center

Jira users 500 1 000 2 000 3 000 4 000 5 000 10 000 15 000 50 000 Unlimited
Price $ 1 000 $ 1 300 $ 1 900 $ 2 500 $ 3 000 $ 3 500 $ 3 900 $ 4 500 $ 5 500 $ 6 500
I choose Jira Data Center

For Jira Server

Jira users 10 25 50 100 250 500 2 000 10 000 10 000+
Price $ 500 $ 500 $ 500 $ 700 $ 900 $ 1 100 $ 2 000 $ 4 000 $ 6 000
I choose Jira Server

* Server version – perpetual license, price includes 12 months of maintenance (support and version updates). Renewal in subsequent years: 50% of the current price of the base license
* Data Center version – annual subscription, support and version updates as long as subscription is active
* The prices are net prices (without VAT)


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