A powerful mechanism for importing structure into QA Craft for Jira from other test management tools.

How to import into QA Craft for Jira a structure from other test management tools for Jira, during their change, so that our data will appear and work in new testing softwares without any problem?

Despite considerable differences between tools for testing, it is not a complicated process and switching from a large, complex and very sophisticated plugins for Jira testing, such as Jira Xray or Zephyr in Jira to QA Craft for Jira Test Management Tool is not a task that can pose any major problem.

QA Craft for Jira, an innovative test manager tool, is designed to take the user as little time and resources as possible to import even a very large amount of data. The same goes for migration from other tools – Jira Xray or Zephyr in Jira were part of the process of changing the quality of Jira testing toolkit.

QA Craft for Jira offers a very powerful import mechanism from XLS (link to blog post or copy and translate into English) that will easily load a test repository from another tool (like Zephyr in Jira, Jira Xray, Testlink, Testrail, Microfocus ALM …).

All you need to do is prepare an import file in the universal QA Craft for Jira standard, which you will find in the installation package and documentation

How long does it take to migrate from another tool to QA Craft for Jira?

Check out the full technical documentation of the QA Craft for Jira video:


We know how to migrate easily and quickly

If you need help migrating from your old tool to QAC then feel free to contact us – we can help: https://rivetgroup.eu/en/contact/

Contact us and we will talk about the advantages of our QAC solution over the competitive ones (Xray, Zephyr), because we have many advantages, but we will not reveal them on the Internet, not to annoy the competition 😉