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Together, we will conduct the process of

Digital Transformation

Digitalization by Rivet Group

What Jira Concierge does?

  • Plugins & solutions refactoring and boosting

  • Complex business & IT process automation

  • Implementing and expanding Jira/Confluence

  • Cost optimalization with Jira Data Center or Jira Cloud

Complex…. but in the smart way

JIRA Concierge sheds light on Atlassian® solutions making them shine with full brilliance.

We make simple things more efficiently

  • implementing Jira and Confluence
  • configuration
  • training for users and admins
  • simple programming tasks
  • full infrastructure maintenance, updates etc.

Demanding – smarter

  • usage audits in organizations
  • advice on the plugins selection
  • automation of business processes in Jira
  • design and implementation of IT systems support service processes

Innovative – with a hint of engineering fantasy

  • development of Atlassian Jira tools in the organization – Jira for business
  • design and implementation of custom-made solutions
  • implementation of dedicated plugins

Case Studies

Finance and banking | 2000 users

#1 Complex automation of IT & Business processes

Since 2017 we have been developing Atlassian enviroment where we have implemented numerous custom plugins.

Decision Tables for Jira

Release Manager

Roadmap View

Dynamic Forms

Invoices for Jira

Grid Plugin for Jira

Encryptor for Jira

Config Files for Jira

Export Issue

Suppliers manager

Complaints for Jira

HTML Customfield

Set security level

Show CSV Value

QA Craft for Jira

Used plugins:

Script runner
– a plugin that allows Jira to adapt solutions used in BPMS class systems. It enables, among other things, multi-criteria control of access rights to declarations, automatic filling of related data in several fields, advanced control of responsible persons and groups, multi-criteria control of the course of processes (many preliminary criteria)

Release Manager – custom solution providing a webwork module for adding systems to”release” type issue . Manages the history of environmental changes (transition from test to production environments with dates) and the dispatch of information about the production implementation along with the scope of implemented changes. Provides data for the map of releases (Roadmap View for Confluence), manages the implementation process

Roadmap View for Confluence – custom plugin displaying a list of implemented projects broken down by weeks and the environments on which they are located

Dynamic Forms – based on the definition and choosen options, it displays generated fields which values are then parsed to custom fields

Invoices for Jira – a plugin that supports invoices processed by OCR, creating appropriate issues and workflows based on them

Complaints for Jira – a dedicated plugin for handling complaint processes

Grid Plugin for Jira – a plugin that provides a very functional grid with options for sorting, filtering, highlighting and selecting data

Encryptor for Jira – allowing to save the password more securely in the application code (the password is not directly written – it is encrypted)

Config Files for Jira – a plugin for uploading configuration files to the application server

Export Issue – addon for sending the exported issue via email containing the XML file and attachments from a given issue (it is possible to select specific ones)
Suppliers manager – supporting the management of suppliers / cooperating companies. It contains data structures and appropriate worklows

– a plugin for managing tests (including automated tests) in Jira – Rivet Group’s original comercial product

Finance and banking | 2000 users

#2 The process of circulation of invoices and OCR documents

Automation of the processes of processing and circulation of financial and accounting documents in a complex organization consisting of several related companies. A complicated, multi-stage and multi-dimensional acceptance process with full integration with the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system processing 1500+ documents per month.

Power OCR integration

Decision Tables for Jira

Dynamic Form


Used technologies:


Soap Web Services

  • Rivet consultants have analized the vendor invoice flow process
  • Based on the IT tool used by the client,
    they designed and programmed an invoice handling module, that has been linked with OCR
  • They proposed the most optimal process of invoice circulation (workflow), during which the invoice is assigned / described, approved, booked and paid
  • This process is multi-stage, at each stage there are complex authorization / responsibility mechanisms controlled by decision tables (a separate proprietary plugin „Decision Tables” also designed and implemented by Rivet Group)
  • This allows for flexible indication of people / groups / teams responsible at particular stages, depending on various invoice data, e.g. type / classification of costs, supplier, invoice amount
  • Appropriate coupling of these mechanisms with (security level) ensures access to a given invoice only for the right users
  • The invoice accounting process is addressed to daughter companies and is adapted to its specific requirements
  • The accounting process itself has been largely automated thanks to the integration with the financial and accounting system
  • The configuration of decision tables is kept in Excel files that are convenient for business users

TELEKOM | 2000 users

#3 Business and IT transformation

The wide and optimal use of the possibilities of Jira and Confluence in the organization, assuming the handling of the entire production process and as many business and IT processes as many business and IT processes as possible in Atlassian products, including: PM / PMO, Release, Change Requests, Requirements Management, QA Management, Marketing, SLA.

Test Management

SLA Plugin

Release Manager

Failure Notification

Used technologies:

Java Script JS
Project coverage :

  • consulting and implementation in the field of processes, including PM/PMO, Release, Change Requests, Requirements Management, QA Management, Marketing, SLA
  • development and full tool support for Atlassian products – Jira, Confluence
  • comprehensive support for QA processes (test management, manual tests, automatic tests,
    performance tests)
  • comprehensive application monitoring and environmental management (dev, pre-prod, prod, etc.)..

It was proposed to work in the “Jira Concierge” service model, under which:

  • an audit of the current use of JIRA (processes, plugins, configuration) was carried out
  • an inventory of the client’s needs was carried out
  • activities were proposed and planned – consulting and expert support, backlog, mentoring
  • support was provided for the successive development of Jira in the organization – upgrade, configuration, plugin evaluations, custom development, etc.
  • test management in Jira was proposed and implemented
  • processes were automated in the areas of: tests, PMO, monitoring, eCommerce, marketing, accounting, E-Law Office, SLA, Release Management
  • Jira integration with other systems was taken care off
  • as part of transferring processes to Jira and in view of the specific needs of the client, which are not covered by the Atlassian marketplace solutions, own plugins for Jira were designed and developed (custom- made solutions)

Finance and banking | 2000 users

#4 Optimization and automation of IT processes

Jira + Confluence. Proposing additions required to service the specified functional requirements and adapting them to the specific needs of the customer in the areas of:

• Project management • Project portfolio management • Change management • Release management • Defining guidelines for the implementation of the Jira platform implementation project •

  • Jira and Confluence were implemented and configured in accordance with the requirements collected during the analysis
  • Jira was integrated with other client’s operating systems operating
  • Trainings for administrators and users were conducted

Finance and banking | 2000 users

#5 Test management tool

  • Optimization of testing process
  • Linking QA area with Jira
  • Test automation
  • Implementation of strict control of test requirements coverage
  • Diagnosis of the situation (opening audit) was carried out
  • QA Craft for Jira was proposed
  • Test repositories from other sources (TestLink, Excel) were migrated to QA Craft for Jira
  • Selected tests were automated (selected from the point of view of the sense of automation) using the proprietary Combine Continuous Testing Toolkit
  • Possibility for Automated tests to be managed from the QA Craft for Jira tool
  • The implemented QA Craft for Jira add-on supports the linking of requirements with tests. The tool enables reporting the coverage of requirements with tests. Test metrics are grouped by requirements

Our customers reviews

Over the years, Rivet Group engineers have provided PLAY with a number of dedicated solutions to improve and extend the functionality of Atlassian systems. PLAY can count on support both in terms of: substantive evaluation of the functionality offered by the extension, as well as the subsequent configuration and adjustment of systems to the needs.

Daniel Łukaszewicz

Jarosław Maj

The implemented projects bring substantial business benefits. The cooperation itself is very good and has the spirit of partnership. The Rivet Group team consists of people who pay special attention to the client’s needs,, are open to conversation,committed to work and at all times at client’s disposal.

Daniel Łukaszewicz

Daniel Łukaszewicz

The proposed solutions were properly matched to our needs and the specification of the industry in which we operate. After the first days, we decided to introduce the proposed methods of operation, which met with the approval of our team

Dominik Jaskulski

Dominik Jaskulski

Each component of the solution is thought out and adjusted to system, time and budget constraints. Scrupulous thinking translates into extremely accurate estimates of the time-consuming work and minimization of iteration on the IT-Business line.. The developed solutions are universal and re-usable at the next stages of software development. The designed components are not only a strong foundation of the entire system architecture, but also have an optimal level of maintenance costs.

Marek Ziętek

Marek Ziętek

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