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Our sectors

[ Finance and banking ]

[ Telekom ]

[ Fintech ]

[ Automotive ]

[ Insurence ]

[ Medicine and Pharmacy ]

[ Everything that uses Jira ]



[ HR ]

[ Procurement ]

[ E-law office ]

[ PMO ]

[ Marketing ]

[ Finances and accountancy ]

[ Trans-organizational solutions ]

[ Sales and customer service ]

Products we use

Script Runner

BPMS for Jira products

Decision Tables for Jira Data Center & Server

[ Power OCR integration ]

Complex automation of document circulation processes (PAPERLESS). It integrates with any OCR-optical character recognition systems (ABBYY, Acrobat, OmniPage etc.) on any devices (HP, Canon, Ricoh, Kodak, Fujitsu, Kyocera, Elo Digital Office …).

[ Invoices for Jira ]

Comprehensive support for the flow of accounting documents, e.g. invoices (also processed by OCR), with built-in predefined Jira objects (issues and workflows).

[ Complaints for Jira ]

Support for complaint processes, improving the work of customer service departments.

[ Roadmap View for Confluence ]

The add-on supporting design processes and release management enables, among others, displaying the list of implemented projects in various angles.

[ Release Manager ]

It manages and allows you to control the releases of individual applications / systems. It allows you to track the history of environmental changes and sends information about production implementations along with the scope of changes. Provides data for the Roadmap View for Confluence map.

[ Dynamic Forms ]

Support for complex forms with conditional field management, e.g. on the basis of definitions and selected options, generated fields are displayed (or not), the values ​​of which are then parsed into Jira customfields.

[ Grid Plugin for Jira ]

Technical addon providing GUI element – very functional grid / table with options for sorting, filtering, highlighting and selecting data, similar to MS Excel spreadsheets

[ Encryptor for Jira ]

Managing secure passwords in the application code (the password is not explicitly written – it is encrypted).

[ Config Files for Jira ]

Plugin for uploading configuration files to the application server

[ Suppliers Manager ]

Supporting the management of suppliers / cooperating companies. It contains data structures and appropriate worklows

[ SLA Plugin ]

Module that calculates SLA times (reaction, workaround, resolution) per supplier based on entered contracts, calendars, work modes and components.

[ Failure Notification ]

[ Test Management ]

[ Set security level ]

[ HTML Customfield ]

[ Show CSV Value ]

[ Instalator ]

And many others…

Case study

Finance and banking | 2000 users

Finance and banking | 2000 users

#1 Complex automation of IT & Business processes

Since 2017 we have been developing Atlassian enviroment where we have implemented numerous custom plugins.

Decision Tables for Jira

Release Manager

Roadmap View

Dynamic Forms

Invoices for Jira

Complaints for Jira

Grid Plugin for Jira

Encryptor for Jira

Config Files for Jira

Export Issue

Suppliers manager


HTML Customfield

Set security level

QA Craft for Jira

Used plugins:

Finance and banking | 2000 users

Finance and banking | 2000 users

#2 The process of circulation of invoices and OCR documents

Automation of the processes of processing and circulation of financial and accounting documents in a complex organization consisting of several related companies. A complicated, multi-stage and multi-dimensional acceptance process with full integration with the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system processing 1500+ documents per month.

Power OCR integration

Decision Tables for Jira

Dynamic Form


Used technologies:

Jira Software

Soap Web Services

TELEKOM | 2000 users

TELEKOM | 2000 users

#3 Business and IT transformation

The wide and optimal use of the possibilities of Jira and Confluence in the organization, assuming the handling of the entire production process and as many business and IT processes as many business and IT processes as possible in Atlassian products, including: PM / PMO, Release, Change Requests, Requirements Management, QA Management, Marketing, SLA.

Test Management

SLA Plugin

Release Manager

Notification of failures

Used technologies and plugins:

Java Script JS

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