In the third episode of our miniseries about QA Craft for Jira® we will show and tell you how our plug-in faces the next Test Rider of the Apocalypse – Reporting.

Ep.3 Reporting

We will show you among others:

  1. Construction and additional features of online tabular metrics for Test Plans and Test Cases
  2. What information does the test case report contain and how it is structured.
  3. Two ways to present a summary of the errors and how exactly in the QA Craft for Jira® are constructed in the error reports.
  4. Test coverage report – which requirements can and does the QA Craft for Jira® tests cover
  5. How is the total dashboard for the whole QA Craft for Jira® project built?
Come on! And soon, the next, 4th episode of the miniseries about QA Craft for Jira® and the Test Riders of the Apocalypse – „Covering the requirements with tests”

Tester Horseman of the Apocalypse

  1. Structure management
  2. Automation tests
  3. Reporting
  4. Coverage of requirements with tests

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