Decision Tables for Jira – new and only one plugin for the business users!!!

Improving process automation by using Decision Tables into custom code or Adaptavist Script Runner, based on the Camunda BPMS engine.

Complete and seamless integration into Atlassian Jira, managing business process, control business decision-making processes and automation workflow.

Available on Atlassian Marketplace:


  • complex permission control rules
  • automatic filling in of related data in several fields
  • dynamic control on forms
  • multi-criteria process control
  • user-friendly options of criteria/decision modification
  • configuration reusability between multiple workflow transitions
  • multi-criteria control of responsible persons and groups
  • configuration transferability between different environments
  • easier maintenance of configuration and system
  • separation of the configuration data

Control Access takes values from some fields, uses these values to execute a decision table, and the result is stored in the “Accessible For Groups” field configured in a Security Level.

Control dynamic fields on the issue screen, show/hide fields, make a field required, narrow allowed options in choice fields.

Automatic filling in of related data and appointment of responsible persons based on selected multi-criteria.

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